80/20 rule - where does tempo sit

Easy (hopefully) question - in the 80/20 rule (ie 80% low intensity, 20% high intensity) where do tempo runs sit. I assume in the 80% volume but would appreciate confirmation (or not!).


Hello, are you relating to running?

Hi Damien - sorry, should have made it clear - it’s all cycling related. Had to give up running some years ago due to an Achilles injury.

Currently using Andy Coggan Lactate Threshold zones on Training Peaks. There are numerous training protocols as you well know but the 80:20 rule is one of the few constants and now that I’m starting to add intensity I’m unsure how to classify Z3 - tempo - sessions.

Any advice gratefully received.


I see, zone Z3 would be Intensity: 89% – 93% of your FTHR, 76% – 90% of your FTP.
We still recommend basing your zones on Functional Threshold Power or Functional Threshold Heart Rate, with adjustments during the season.