Indoor/outdoor training heart rate

I have noticed that my heart rate is higher by 5-10bpm when I have outside ride compared to indoor training for the same power. Is that common?

It can be caused by few things:

  • more muscles are engaged when you ride outside
  • you have to stay focus all the time you ride, any event on the road can increase your adrenaline
  • cooling system inside make it easier than ride outside on a hot day :hot_face:

On another hand, if you don’t have a good cooling system inside then you ride your trainer it can cause a higher heart rate than usual.

Higher heart rate reserve indicates better physical fitness, that’s because, unlike maximum heart rate, a lower resting heart rate is associated with better fitness. If your resting heart rate is lower, then your heart rate reserve will be higher.

You’re also fighting against more elements, Uphill/downhill, air resistance etc. So you may be putting in more effort outside compared to inside

I think this is pretty normal, unless there is a large disparity.