Vegan athletes and performance

Many athletes are switching over to an ethical way of training. The proof is in the science our performance and recovery is at its peak on a vegan lifestyle. Your consuming the purest form of energy for your body to thrive on. I have been vegan for 20’ years and in these 20 years I have switched my training from runner to cyclists due to knee injuries and I have flourished on the bike . My cadence and my resistance improves daily as I grind it out. My weight is easy to maintain a leaner physique but still stay strong I lift as well and I have not had any declines

I recommend move The Game Changers it talks about the benefits of going full vegan!

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Yes game changers is great, I’ve seen it many times. Hope and glory is also a fantastic view of the ethical side of things which is probably the most important part of veganism. We just get great karma back by improved health clarity performance and recovery by doing so. I’ve actually been looking for a coach to take my training to a new level. I’m no where near the pros level but I am eager to get there. Any advice on finding a coach?

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What sports are you doing?

Cycling I’m actually a spin instructor I do about 12, 60 min classes per week. I’m interested in getting out on the road in the elements I want to really push my limits abs s get to the next level

Do you plan to race?

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That’s definitely the goal

Please reach out to us at