What is the best nutrition for optimal Health?

What are the things I need to maintain if I want to cycle at least 3 times a week for an hour. Is it okay to concentrate on Protein more than carbs?

3 x a week for 60 min isn’t that long so I wouldn’t say you need to focus on protein more than carbs. Carbs are your main fuel source depending on the intensity of the ride you ride fasted for a low steady state but if your doing high intensity intervals with heavy resistance for 60 min don’t skimp on the carbs. The best carbs are simple carbs such as fruit. Dates are in my experience and the best fuel source for athletes . It’s digested quickly and maintains a steady glucose level no crashes . 2-3 dates pre ride about 15-20 min . But again overall diet should be balance remember what each macro is used for . Carbs are used for energy
protein is used for muscle repair and only used as an energy source in emergency situations and as a last resort , protein used as a fuel source When carbs are insufficient is not ideal and will not burn cleanly or sufficiently.
Fat is used as a fuel source as carbs but fat but is too slow burning. Used for low intensity longer endurance ride . 60 min is a short time on the bike

In short depending on your intensity of the ride depends on what you eat. You can also consume your carbs the night before and hop on your bike semi fasted. You will be using stored glycogen so if your ride is first thing in the morning eating isn’t a huge deal unless you are hungry then have a snack